I got asked by a customer today, what is a SongLytics library? I was throwing around this term as it has jelled in my head, but the person astutely brought to my attention that this doesn’t make sense to anyone else on earth yet. So let’s give defining this term a go.

A SongLytics library is your music library! It is what songs you’ve listened to. It is what songs you’ve rated. A SongLytics library is NOT the music itself. The music might beĀ on the radio, streamed from Spotify or an MP3 file. Do you have have a Spotify library? If you listen to Spotify and save a track you do. Do you have an iTunes library? You do if you have iTunes installed.

What makes your SongLytics library different is that it is decoupled from iTunes, Spotify and anything else. It is the definitive collection of what you listen to. If you listen to Taylor Swift, Spotify doesn’t know about it because she isn’t on Spotify. If you like an MP3 from a CD from a concert you went to in ’97, Spotify doesn’t know about that either. However, SongLytics can listen to what you are listening to and store everything.